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Betsy Russell, Cynthia Thompson, Kristi Somers, Michelle Bauer Nude

Betsy Russell, Cynthia Thompson, Kristi Somers, Michelle Bauer "Tomboy" (1985)

Betsy Russell -Tomboy- Kristi Somers -Tomboy- Betsy Russell -Tomboy- Cynthia Thompson -Tomboy-
Kristi Somers -Tomboy- Kristi Somers -Tomboy- -Tomboy- Michelle Bauer -Tomboy-

Tomasina 'Tomboy' Boyd (Betsy Russell) is a good auto mechanic, she knows everything about cars. Instead of dates, shopping and jollification she spends all time in the garage. But everything changes when in the party she meets Randy, excellent racing driver. For Randy pay attention Tomboy wants to win the auto race.
Betsy Russell in the showers shows her tight ass in the soap foam. Betsy fell into the lake with a motorcycle and show her adorable breasts when changing wet clothes.Time for sex, men rips shirt and bares tits of Betsy.
After dance Kristi Somers washing her boobs in a shower with some other naked girls. Kristi does a striptease and blows up the party.
Michelle Bauer offer to ride and boobs for the hitchhiker.
Cynthia Thompson topless bring the drinks to mans in a pool.

Codec: H.264
Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

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